Tile & Grout

We now offer Tile & Grout Cleaning and sealing. This process allows us to pressure wash your hard floors while using our powerful vacuum to simultaneously remove the moisture. Very nice as you can be back on cleaned area in minutes!

We also have tools to allow us to do kitchen counters and back splashes! Temperatures are hot enough that we can say we sanitize surfaces as well!

We use HydroForce floor tools that feature a rotary head that spins and blasts out dirt and grime from grout and tile. We can safely use pressures form 600-900 PSI depending on the surface we are cleaning. Grime does not stand a chance.

Many clients clean carpets in summer and tile in winter as dry times don't matter on tile. This also spreads out the cost.

Pre-condioners are applied to tile and grout. Tools are used to scrub out grime from grout and then pressure washed and rinsed to like new condition!

Cleaned Tile

Rotary Tile tool